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Carima stands as the pinnacle of innovation in Africa’s automotive industry, serving as the continent’s premier B2B marketplace tailored specifically for Autodealers. With its array of cutting-edge features, including Custom Requests, User Matching, Real-Time Notifications, and Loan Services up to 20 Million Naira, Carima revolutionizes the car trading experience. Autodealers can effortlessly search, request, sell, and finance vehicles, all within a seamlessly interactive platform that fosters efficiency and connectivity like never before. Whether sourcing specific models or securing lucrative financing deals, Carima empowers Autodealers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic automotive market.

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At Carima, we offer a comprehensive solution for car dealers to connect with potential buyers and expand their inventory seamlessly. With our innovative platform, dealers can submit requests for specific vehicles, access loan services up to 20 million naira, and receive real-time notifications for new requests. Join Carima today and revolutionize the way you do business in the automotive industry!

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Struggling to manage inventory or connect with the right buyers? Carima is your one-stop solution. Our platform streamlines the car dealing process, maximizing your reach and engagement. Receive real-time updates and communication, and submit customizable requests to find exactly the vehicles you need. Take control of your dealership’s success with Carima.

As an Automobile dealer based in the United States, Carima has connected me with buyers in Nigeria that I never met in Person Before. I’ve sold approximately over $200,000 worth of vehicles through Carima. They’ve also helped me manage my inventory’

Olaniyi Ayodele Peter
CEO, Lamazzon Autos
Houston Texas

I have no iota of doubt that Carima is here to stay. They’ve shown exceptional experience and professionalism in the auotomobile market place. We’ve gotten so many leads and have closed numerous transactions as a result of our partnership

Dolapo Onasanya
Motown Automobile
Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

We are a fast growing automobile dealership company. We are into the business of Automobile sales and repairs. We recently started using Carima and have successfully closed deals of about 10m since our first sign up

Kupoluyi babatunde David
CEO, Smooth Ride Autos
Ajah, Lagos

I quit my job to start selling cars for importers. I have sold 5 cars in the last 3 months on Carima.

Olagoke Double
CEO, Double Autos
Ikeja, Lagos

I don’t stress myself about buyers. I just make sure I have a very clean and sharp car. Carima will do the rest for me

CEO Willie Autos
Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

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